The members of the Committee are elected for a renewable 3-year term at the annual Ordinary General Assemblies by the parent members of the apc.

Within the Committee, the Bureau is made up of Trustees who sit on the School and Disciplinary Councils.

The next AGM will be held on 13/10/2021.

In the meantime, the volunteers who have just joined the Association have started to work for you.

Marie-Pierre Bouché

President and Head of Communication / Trustee

Laetitia Alfonsi

General Secretary / Trustee

Sébastien Martineau

Treasurer / Trustee

Peggy Dion

Communication Officer

Magali Lawrence

Secondary Coordinator / Trustee

Sarah Mendes

Secondary Coordinator

Ophélie Barnett

Primary Coordinator

Delphine Poultney

Primary Coordinator

Angelika Schierz

Responsable Sponsorship Gala