Joining the APC means becoming part of a close-knit, dynamic and voluntary team at the service of families, our children and our school.

It also means meeting many different and enriching people and issues.


You have a lot of time, you like human relations and leading a team.

Working in tandem with the current President and the Secretary, you will be the privileged interface with the management and administration of the CFBL, with the board and institutions (Consulates, associations, other establishments, etc.)

Mission :

  • You will ensure that the missions of representation and support to families are fulfilled.

  • You will orchestrate and lead a (super) team of permanent and occasional volunteers.

  • You will represent parents at School Councils, Consular Scholarship Council, School Plan meetings, inter-school meetings, cooperation with the FSF, discussions and exchanges with the CFBL.

  • You will manage the association's funds in close collaboration with the treasurer.

  • You will be responsible for fundraising, helping families and the school, and animating our parent community.

This role requires the ability to work in a team, to delegate, to trust, to be open and to listen.

The aim of this mission is to replace the President at the end of her mandate in June 2022.

Finally, this mission is enriching, rewarding in its useful and necessary aspect, and humanly fascinating.

-> this position is equivalent to a half-time position

The Secretary General is an essential part of the life of the APC.

Hand in hand with the President, she compiles information, answers parents on the "contact" email box, organises meetings and writes the minutes, ensures the creation of ad hoc teams for each project she supervises (from afar or as a volunteer on the project).

She is in permanent contact with the school administration, parents and the APC team.

She has a transversal vision of the whole activity of the association.

Without her/him, nothing is possible!

-> this position is equivalent to a half-time position

Needs :

A French-English pair to organise an average of one conference/month.

Objectives 2021-2022: to develop the offer of conferences in English.


Organise conferences or meetings dedicated to families: find themes, look for speakers, set up the event.


  • Find and/or contact the speaker, agree with him/her on theme + date + modalities (zoom / face-to-face, schedules...)

  • Compile the presentation information (theme, name, profile, contacts, etc.) to provide to the communication department.

  • Open the conference and welcome speaker.

-> 1 to 2 hours per week

Mission :

  • Manage and negotiate the venue and its layout

  • choose the dinner menu and pairing wines

  • organise the setting up of the auctions for the day

  • manage the timing of the evening (reception, dinner, auctions, dance)


You like and know how to organise events, lead a team, and are you fluent in English? This mission is for you!

-> You will be responsible for the organisation of the event and will be responsible its management. End of the mission in March.

Mission :

  • Set up and orchestrate the search for lots (small lots for silent auction and luxury lots for live auction)

  • Organise the sale of the lots: input on the interface, compile all the information (photos, logos, description)

  • Manage the relationship with our auction provider (negotiation, implementation before and during the Gala)

Ideally, you have good interpersonal skills, you are literate in English.

-> Between 1/2 and 1 day per week with a ramp-up between January and the Gala (mid March).

Mission :

Find lots at all prices, in all categories.


You have good interpersonal skills and the art of negotiation, you may have contacts in shops or with companies that can help us.

Do you want to meet people in your environment quickly? To practice your English? Come and join us!

-> Between 1/2 and 1 day per week with an increase in intensity between January and the Gala (mid March).

Needs :

  • a "Taste" leader

  • volunteers to cook (as many as we want!)

  • volunteers to sell (2 on each side)


Set up and lead a team of chocolate lovers who prepare and/or sell snacks (cakes, fruit in partnership with Earth...) on Fridays after school (on both sides) for the benefit of the APC.


  • Find parents to provide the cakes

  • Find 2 parents on each side of the school (Willes road and Cathcart street) to sell from 3.30pm to 3.45pm on Cathcart street and from 3:30pm to 4.15pm on Willes.

  • Set up the small tables on each side of the school

-> 1 hour per week

From handing out sweets at the end of the school day, finding cool lots for the Gala, helping out with the Healthy Snacks (in the kitchen or on sale), to helping us prepare the school restaurant for meetings, evenings and parties, to manning the stalls at the kermesse, the APC regularly needs a helping hand and support: don't hesitate to let us know that you're ready to help us out!


Send us an email to