Some of our actions are regular, others are exceptional.

Some are aimed at raising money for the CFBL's pedagogical and educational projects or for family aid, others are simply to meet up, share, exchange or to be of service to the parent community.

Some projects were created in previous years and are a bit dormant, waiting for some volunteers to take over... Finally, above all, some ideas are certainly in gestation in the parent community and are just waiting to be born... Do not hesitate to share your ideas or successful experiences with us, the APC team is ready to listen and support you if you want to get started!


All Connected: an ambitious project launched at the beginning of the school year 2021. The APC has already purchased 15 laptops configured identically to those in the school to lend to families who need them. This substantial investment will be renewed each year in order to provide an up-to-date stock.

Alma street fair: an annual celebration in Alma Street that takes on the air of a flea market for a day. The APC and the CFBL have a stand there every year. June


Bag2School : bi-annual clothes collection for the benefit of the Association. Make room in your wardrobes and help raise money! Autumn/Spring

CFBL Entrepreneurs brochure: since 2020, the APC has published an annual brochure to promote the know-how and talent of our parents. A nice way to support them, to create exchanges, and why not, to gradually set up a community of dynamic entrepreneurs within the school!


Career fair : morning organised in conjunction with the CFBL. The aim of this event is to help pupils in 4ème and especially 3ème discover the jobs of today...and tomorrow. If you know an astronaut, a politician, or... a crack in new technologies, don't hesitate to ask them to come and present their passion to us (a famous actor too, we're interested!).

Conferences : each year, the APC offers a programme of conferences on various subjects: education, of course, but not only!  Check the website's agenda for upcoming topics.

Consular Scholarship Council: twice a year, the APC participates in the Scholarship Commission. We make sure that our families receiving scholarships are supported according to their needs and, in collaboration with the Consulate General's large team, the Consulate's Social Services and all the establishments in the network, we make sure that the available budget is used in a fair and balanced way.

Councils and Committees: the APC is very involved through its elected representatives in the CFBL's Councils and Commissions (School Council, Disciplinary Council, Health & Safety Committee, Catering Committee, School Travel Plan Committee) but also outside the school (School Plan, Consulate, other schools in London...)


DNB graduation party: a dinner with former CFBL students and their parents to celebrate their French National Diploma of "Brevet des Collèges". October

Drop off coffees : the APC is organising weekly coffees for each level throughout the 1st term so that parents can meet more easily. Check out the calendar on the website to stay informed.


Easyfundraising : an incredible tool! For every purchase made on Easyfundraising's partner sites, a small part of the price will be donated to the APC as a member charity of the network (choose: CFBL PARENTS). It doesn't cost anything and it can pay off! Many retailers are members, so grab your mouse!


Closed Facebook group: to exchange, discuss, offer advice and objects. A very useful site... To join the group, click here.

Summer fair :  a convivial moment for all families with stalls and outdoor games. June

Winter Fair : In the APC, we love to have parties and bring parents together. What was missing was the equivalent of the Kermesse in winter... So we have created the Winter Fair in 2019. Many stalls, to do your Christmas shopping and buy your Christmas tree! Late November / early December


Gala : THE Place to be... to share a beautiful evening while supporting the educational projects of our children. The CFBL Gala is the Association's primary source of funding and the most elegant dinner of the year at the CFBL! It is an opportunity to take part in a true Anglo-Saxon fundraising evening, with auctions at the end. A moment to remember at least once in your life. March

Galettes : the so French event of January! Don't miss the delicious frangipane or brioche cakes on sale at the school gate. January

General Assembly of Members : this mandatory and essential meeting allows APC members to meet, usually over cocktails, to discuss the results of the past year and to approve the Association's accounts. Back to school.

Greeting cards (Primary): your children's drawings are printed on cards and/or gift paper to send your end of year greetings. October


Healthy Tea : snacks on Fridays, after school, on Cathcart street and Willes road. But shhhhht, don't spread it around: there's never enough...


Parents' parties: one evening per term to meet up, discuss, taste, sing and/or dance... The themes vary according to the season, and the atmosphere is always very warm.

Student parties: very "select" evenings, reserved for Collège students, on the school premises and courageously organised by parents who are very aware of current musical trends... December/February

Class photos: these are the highlight of your children's CFBL years and help us raise funds.

Back-to-school Picnic: launched in 2021, it is a way to get together, young and old, before school starts. A great opportunity to meet and welcome new families and to ensure a smooth first day of school for our children! End of August / beginning of September


Tea towels (Primary): an operation of tea towels printed by class with the drawings made by your children. A great gift idea for your family members that also supports the APC.


Website: a new website launched in September 2021, more user-friendly, more ergonomic, easier to find all the information about the Association, the life of the school and other useful news.

WhatsApp neighbourhood groups: created in 2020, these groups are great and dynamic for welcoming new parents, exchanging information about your neighbourhood and, above all, creating mutual support between members! See the list of the groups.