Who can be insured?

All minor children of the same family, if at least one child is enrolled at the CFBL, can be insured. The brothers and/or sisters of a pupil attending the CFBL can benefit from the guarantees of this contract, even if they are enrolled other schools, French or not, in London, in the United Kingdom (from nursery school to final year).

Rates (excluding membership required to take out the insurance):

  • 1 child: £15
  • 2 children: £25
  • 3 or more children: £30.

The insurance certificate is sent by email within 15 days of your registration if it is made after the start of the school year. It is essential to read the CGEA general conditions below and to consult the website before subscribing.

What is covered and what is excluded?

In general, body injury/death, third party liability, repatriation and property damage are covered. There are a number of specific exclusions and financial limits for reimbursement of claims. For more details, you should consult the CGEA brochure and the special conditions below.

International School Insurance Brochure 2024-2025

Do I have to take out the insurance offered by the APC?

You are free to choose the insurance that suits you.

School insurance protects your children in the event of an accident, either at school or on the way to and from school.

At school, collège or lycée, school insurance covers both compulsory and optional activities (canteen, outings, swimming pool, discovery class, language study trip, etc.).

Why is the APC offering this insurance?

The Association is offering this insurance in response to a request from the school administration. The negotiation of a "group" insurance policy allows for more advantageous rates. This insurance is taken out for the benefit of APC members who wish to cover their children.

The APC is not an intermediary, it does not organise or facilitate insurance contracts.

The APC does not receive any commission and does not charge its members for the service it provides.

Can the APC advise me?

The APC is not a professional insurance organisation. It is therefore not authorised or able to offer advice on the relative merits of the policy it offers or to make comparisons with other insurance products.

Why choose CGEA? Who are the insurers?

C.G.E.A, an insurance broker with over twenty years of experience, specialises in the insurance of social and financial protection for people living outside their country of origin (students, expatriates, etc.) as well as individual school insurance for French schools abroad. Today, it insures over 30,000 children of all nationalities in over 60 countries.

How do I get insurance?

By completing the information required when you select Insurance product in the shop, and paying.

What is the period of cover and when is my child covered?

The contract takes effect on the first day of school and continues until midnight on 31 October 2025; cover is valid from the date on which the completed form, with payment, is received and confirmed by the APC.

When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be sent directly to your email address via the CGEA within 15 days of your subscription. Be careful, remember to check your spam box!

Can I join during the year?

Yes, but the annual premium must be paid in full, which is why it is strongly recommended that you enrol as soon as you start school.

How do I get reimbursed?

By completing the accident claim form available below and sending it directly to CGEA within 5 days.

Instructions in case of accident EN FR

Claim notice EN  FR

Claim for compensation EN  FR

CGEA telephone:

The above information is provided by APC without admission of liability, and with no intention of creating a legal relationship.